We create magic for the

VR generation!

We’ve just recently opened the doors to a new entertainment studio located in Stockholm, Sweden, and we’re crazy about building world-class game experiences for the latest and upcoming VR/AR technology.

We have a long history with games and have been hands on creating and managing some of the worlds biggest AAA and mobile franchises to date including Battlefield and Angry Birds.

We greatly respect the new medium and the challenges that comes along with it. But we firmly believe virtual reality is here to stay and we definitely want to be a key player in its evolution. Our goal is to breathe life into the amazing technology with state of the art visuals, pure fun and challenge what the definition of a game is. In the long run we want virtual reality to become accessible and entertaining for everyone.

Partner up with Hatrabbit?

We’re currently looking for long term relationships with investors. But we’re also interested in collaborations with other games studios and creative minds that believe in the future of VR. If it sounds interesting feel welcome to write us a few lines at contact@hatrabbit.se.

In order to keep this dream alive we are also working part time as consultants to bring the best out of any game. Read more here.

  • Andreas Chrysovitsanos
    Andreas Chrysovitsanos Co-founder
  • Joakim Svärling
    Joakim Svärling Co-Founder