Less talk, more play!

Welcome to our playground! At Hatrabbit we aim to create short, fun and engaging games and experiences with a more playful mindset. We love to experiment, learn what works, communicate and collect feedback from our players. A planted seed here could eventually grow into something bigger!


is our tool

We don’t exist because of immersive technology. For us it’s a new tool that lets us create even better games and experiences. It doesn’t matter if it’s VR on PC or mobile, AR or MR. We choose the platform that supports the best ideas.


is our driver

We’ve always been dreamers. Always asking “what if…”. This simple question is our driver for embracing new ideas, innovations and experiences. To discover new things and to surprise is part of our existence. Just like a good magic trick!


is our goal

We aim to create experiences that connect people socially but also with their emotions. Whether it’s about evoking a grieving memory or a moment of sunshine, it might be what makes people not only like our experiences but also fall in love with them.

Merry Snowballs

Our first game! Merry Snowballs is an action packed VR snowball game where you get to relive your childhood snowball fights – this time with the cool gadgets you once wish you had! Battle against the neighborhood kids and fight your way to the top of the global leaderboard.


The game was built from the ground up in three to four weeks by two people.

Partner up for awesomeness!


Our journey has just begun and our eyes are on the distant horizon. If you have the muscles and network to strengthen our case in the entertainment industry, you could be an interesting partner to us.


Are you a clothes design company, a toy maker or car manufacturer? Are you an important industry influencer? We can take your brand to the next level letting your customers experience it up close, with or without interactivity.

Emerging tech

We’ve been working many years in the games industry, hands on making beautiful experiences out of the latest technology. If you need a demo to showcase your innovation, we can make it together with you.

We are Hatrabbit!

  • Andreas Chryssovitsanos
    Andreas Chryssovitsanos Co-founder/Mr. What
  • Joakim Svärling
    Joakim Svärling Co-Founder/Mr. How
  • Urban Nilsson
    Urban Nilsson Mr. Code
  • Karl Magnus Troedsson
    Karl Magnus Troedsson Investor/Advisor
Hatrabbit is an entertainment studio located in Stockholm, Sweden. We’re crazy about building world-class games, experiences and love working with the latest and upcoming immersive technologies.


We have a long history in game development and have been hands on creating and managing some of the worlds biggest AAA and mobile franchises for 17 years including Battlefield and Angry Birds.


Our goal is to create immersive and social experiences played across different platforms. We want to become a key player in this evolution and create games with state of the art visuals, pure fun and challenge what the definition of a game is. In the long run we want our games to become accessible and entertaining for everyone.

Now, did you have

something fancy in mind?


with us!








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